EQUALIZING can be a bit tricky in the beginning but after a while you will just love it , i mean thanks to EQ you can now take out all the frequencies that you dont wanna have , isnt that great, i mean it is better if you can have a simple approach towards EQ because it is being made to make your job easy not tuff.

When you are executing EQUALIZING, keep in mind that the options that you have are just 2, and that is whether you are going for a additive EQ or Subtractive EQ, i mean the name is quite evident to let you know what does each of them going to do , but i will elaborate a lil bit.

Additive EQUALIZING is when you boost up some of the frequencies or frequencies band and when you do so those set of frequencies that you have boosted or the band that you have boosted will have higher DB value and higher DB means more level, so in sort you are picking up those frequencies which you think you have to boost, you choose them and then you boost them, it is as simple as this no rocket science.

Now moving on to the second one, it is called the Subtractive EQUALIZING, as the name suggest in the above mentioned example i told you that you can boost up set of frequencies now do the total opposite just reduce DB of a band or certain set of frequencies thats all, i mean Subtractive EQ is Subtractive in nature by this i mean you gotta reduce the Db of the frequency set , as simple as this IT WILL SUBTRACT CERTAIN SET OF FREQUENCIES THAT YOU WANT..

Leveraging both of them in the right way will render a clear mix.

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