Being a DJ sounds real cool, but the work behind is too much to Handel, i mean if you want to be a pro DJ then the most important factor is HOW GOOD IS YOUR MUSIC, i mean i know being a DJ you will be mixing lot of different numbers into your cool mix, But that is what i am asking, HOW GOOD IS YOUR MUSIC, and do you have time to be a DJ?

For eg, lets stream SOLOMON LIVE SET – BOILER ROOM , look at the mix, look at the track list and look the knob fiddling it is pretty darn great isnt it, dont you love the sound of it, dont you love the vibes, the transition, the sound setting, the vibes that he is dropping, he is a great DJ.

PRO DJ use PRO TOOLS/LOGIC for mixing stuff, most of DJ will be dropping mixes on TRAKTOR – NATIVE INSTRUMENT or they prolly have synced ABELTON LIVE with the sound board and audio interface. Anyways this abstract is not to geek out but to give and ins and out of how DJing is gonna play out in real life , for yall..

IN SHORT – MIX YOUR ARSE OFF, the more mixes in hand the better vibe you can drop, see in club it has to do with the right crowd control, crowd analysis, KILLER BEAT MATCHING, KILLER TRANSITION & HEAVY DROPS.

Let me break it to yall, if the transition between the songs aint smooth or punchy people aint gonna like that shyt, so better keep it hot and real, transitions are like BOLD LETTERS, they are well reflected in the performance and if not EXECUTED PROPERLY can sound real bad.

Being a nice DJ is something that will take time, and the time totally depends on how many mixes you have done and how much sonic knowledge you have, see if you aint got any info about DAWs , Sound card, Audio interfaces and you are just dependent on sound guys then best of luck with your lame a$$ scene, you gotta have full info in order to blast it out real well.

Plus a really good EPK has to be in place, i mean EPK has to be forwarded multiple times to different venues , distribution and event partners and the more better and crystal clear the EPK is the better the chances of making it big in the game, THE WEBSITE, EPK, PERSONA, MUSIC all plays a vital role in the club scene, and another important factor is to record some original compositions.

OCs has to be there in order to highlight your artistic and creative approach, i mean if we look at the current paradigm we can easy see that OCs are really important if ever you are going to make it big, TRUST ME no record label will give a shit if you aint got no OCs and another point is how you are MIXING/MASTERING that OCs, take care of all the ins and outs of production, i mean when it comes to production you have to filter out the sub bass real well, the mids have to be well balanced with the highs have to be pristine and clear, the bass and kick side chaining is real important , BPF and HPF have to be leveraged effectively to get the desired sound and the sonic feel, so that the song/tracks sounds stereo wide, well shaped and aesthetically refined.

So get the mixer running and MIX ON TILL YOU PASS OUT!! Also get ready for long a$$ sessions because the PARTY IS TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON YOU , ON YOU, ON YOU, SO MAKE IT BIG, MAKE IT SUPER DARN LARGE……….

67 / 100

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