The pollution all around the globe has to be brought down to a low level if not get ready for an apocalypse, in this abstract I will not geek out but I will like to highlight the dark hole we all are digging in together that is killing mother nature.

I mean look at the sky , look at the freaking air around you , I mean when it come to Delhi it is so messed up that calling it polluted is a small.thing (it is way beyond being polluted) , i mean it is a epitome of being the world’s most polluted state, so it’s not only india which is trying real hard to win the pollution race, the another super cool contender is china , china vast industrial scale has been one of the biggest reason of mass pollution spread through out the world.

All the large , medium and small caps organization have shifted manufacturing focus to China , so all the stuff we buy are manufactured in China but assembled in respective countries

if we look at the global perceptive China has been optimizing a lot of manufacturing for the world and thanks to that we now have another one of the most populated city in the world NONE ANOTHER THEN BEIJING.

Delhi and Bejing are doing really great when it comes to setting up example on setting up threshold for how much pollutant a human being can consume.

Anyway the world is getting super polluted and we all are totally aware of it but are we all doing something or just ranting some PARAMETERS like carbon raring etc, see pollution is not an individual goal it is a collective goal and we all have to a part of the change.

If we keep on exploiting mother nature at this level then soon we all will be history, better we all take collective conscious action, else the doom day is not that far.

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