Software development is a nice field and should be levered by young students entering the realm of STEM fields, i mean lets not go too geeky, in this abstract i will discuss more about the pros of being a software engineer.

  • I mean look at all the apps and cool softwares around you, look at the cool complex automation stuff happening around us all the the tine, these software and hardware modules are being designed and produced by hundreds of super cool software developers, product designers, ux guys, Hardware guys and what not.

Being involved in software development, i can say that if you have dedication , good knowledge and skill set you can achieve anything you want for eg look at what MARK did , he was at college when he created FB and LOOK AT GATES he created MS when he was in college, STEVE JOB and thousands of em have made it SUPER BIG just by being a real good coder, Steve job was a nice designer then a coder but anyways they all are really good when it comes to software development and associated processes.

Software development is an ocean in itself, i mean it just 2 words software and engineering, but this is just the name , the subjectivity of the topic is infinite and really let me tell you it is infinite, i mean if you just look at the development frameworks market which are THE BASIC DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK like UNITY 3D, PHP MVC LARAVEL, JANGO etc etc you can gauge the level of wide option and high complexity associated with each development module.

So these software development frameworks will be coupled with emulators where the code can be rendered in presentable formats and can be exported across multiple formats.

The size, complexity, designing , operations of these highly scalable development frameworks have been contributed by thousands and thousands of amazing software engineers, all these projects have HUGE AMOUNT TO CONTRIBUTORS and ASSOCIATED FORKS on git hug and that is crazy, SO IF YOU ARE GEEKING OUT AS A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER then GIT HUB and STACK OVERFLOW will be two services that you can never say no to, it is an industry requirement even you apply for low level engineering software jobs, BOTH GITHUB and STACK OVERFLOW are the go to point for multiple distro download, framework download, forking, reading documentation, getting modules and what not, stack overflow is more for debugging, bug-fixing , Error handling, exception handling and getting connected with the strong developer community across the globe.

Software Development is a daunting task, as it can be associated with thousands of coding/development hours and then many many hours of client calls, tech support calls, bug-fixing, error reporting, data analysis, report gathering, bench-marking and so on and so fort, so if you are SOFTWARE DEVELOPER in an organization then get ready to work a lot because the pressure will be high, lot of bugs and fixes, lot of graphs and lot of geeky computational math.

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