Mixing and mastering are two different processes , I mean when you are working as a record artist you have to make sure that you have all the equation in place by this I mean , if you want to publish a banger then these three angels will make your song heavenly.

Mixing engineer

Mastering engineer

Recording engineer

Now I will try to explain their job in an lucid way , for eg you are a record artist and a producer and you are kinda done with your song , then the next step is to record it in the best way possible and the job of the recording engineer is to make it happen, the recording engineer will place the mics in the right place , configure the rig to get the best sound possible, basically a dude that will let you record crystal clear vocals and instruments.

Let’s say all the stuff is done mixing, recording, song writing etc now the job of the mastering engineer who is the most experienced one in the game is to give a final touch up, not much , because when you get song post mixing it already sounds balanced, saturated and wide so the mastering engineer may play a little around with the some DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING UNITS (EQ,Desser…) etc and then the song is ready to go..

So music production may appear a linear process but it is not it involves lot of components and human resources to get the right sound and ultimately a banger.

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