lofi BEAT : How to make em?

Creating a lofi beat is kinda one of my favorite things to do , I mean i am a big fan of lofi sound , lofi has so much mellow fell to it, just like listening to a piano composition makes you melt , same goes on with lofi as well, to be honest rendering a lofi beat is not a daunting task , it is surely tricky and skillful but has so much of freaking satisfaction.

So I will drop my lofi beat production process which is minimal in nature , I start with a laid back , humanized beat , the beat I sequence are down tempo and has a human element to it , I mean dynamism and intonations , I do this by tweaking the attack and release velocity of the channels mostly bass and drums, then once I am done with the cool laid back relaxing beat I add reverb and delay to it , the configuration is totally based on the instrument rack and the drum kit I am using , so based on the setup you can choice the right value for the reverb , delay and other cool effects that you wanna add.

The trick is to keep it simple both in production and to the listener ear, I mean we are not looking for a crazy drop or a heavy 808 sound , even broken down , rugged out beats sounds beautiful with lofi , lofi has a more sedate and melancholy feel to it , so dont loose the feel of lofi in a quest to add many sounds.

Melody and bass line has a huge role in a lofi beat , the more minors chords the more melancholy feel , I mean create a nice blend of the deep sounds , that have space to them and then cover them around the lead channel, keep in mind all the additions have to be subtle , the more subtle and melodic the better it will be.

Lofi beats are just beautiful and deep and hence due to this kinda vibes you can add beautiful subtle female singers hooks and can add melodic de-tuned piano and flutes , it will all add color and deep texture to the sound, I mean when it comes to lofi even a rough mix can sound so beautiful, it is because lofi carries a lot of emotional vibes .

Anyways this is just tip of the ice berg, i will keep on sharing LOFI production hack till then Keep on dropping some mellow ass lofi beats….

63 / 100

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