LIFE IS FILLED WITH FAILURE : Learn and move on.

I felt a very powerful teacher with me always since the day i was born, and that teacher has taught me to walk, to ride, to speak , to love, to fight, to see deep within me and THAT TEACHER IS UNIVERSAL AND WE ALL HAVE IT IS CALLED FAILURE, the day you are not afraid of it but accept it as it, is the day you will unfold so many dimensions in you , there is no limit to it, we all are LIMITLESS……..

Failure is the beginning , i mean none of us is perfect, yes we all can reach to a certain level of efficiency and a certain level of professionalism but that doesn’t make us perfect, i mean what define perfect first of all, may be someone say you are perfect but their can be lot of people who will say you are not, dont run for perfection run for the expertise, i mean slowly you will get there and failure is the step, imagine when you were kid you didnt even know how to walk and now you are walking, what if you think that you walk perfectly certainly not, i mean look at other models and cross fit yoga people they gotta a real good walk, they can say you suck at walking even if you think you are perfect at walking you are not.

Life is filled with small failures and it is up to you if you want to learn from it or just nag about it, in my life i think i have been failing a lot, but all those failure have contributed so much in my knowledge bank that i dont even have idea about.

Once you fail and then you lift yourself you will be way stronger and have seen the unseen, chaos causes the failure and once you have been from that chaos then you know how the order is like, i mean dont think you are the one who is failing all the time, the world is filled with celebs who have failed miserable for decades and they lifted them all the time to reach where they wanted to be, so if you are looking for example then the internet is filled with em.

Learn from your failures and move on, life is a big journey and you may fail sometimes or a lot it doesnt matter until and unless you lift yourself and move on.

60 / 100

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