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Getting a home studio is not a big deal anymore especially when the cost of hardware and software is so low, i mean if you go 30 years back then it would have been impossible to own a home studio , but now thank you to the evolution of digital technology all of us can afford a good mobile studio, see it is better to start with a small studio and then slowly based on your requirements expand it , going full power will not help at-least if you are not making shyt load of money from music, if you are making lot of money from music then this article is not for you, you probably have a really good rig, this abstract is for those who are starting off and want to have a good home studio at an affordable price.

So let me make it super simple, in order to start off you need a DAW, which is called a digital audio workstation and it will be used to produce, mix , record and master your tracks. I am going to name 5 of them you can choose whatever you like they all are really good and super amazing.

  4. LOGIC

So once you have a DAW, you will need a MIC, start with 1 MIC and then add as many as you want i am going to write down the names of mics that are pretty good and are affordable, these mics are really good let me tell you that and you can record all the cool rock, pop stuff with em.

You have two option CONDENSER AND DYNAMIC MICS, i prefer if you choose a dynamic mic as the maintenance is kinda less and they are more rugged and are well suited for live setup, but anyways you can choose whatever you feel like. I am sharing the name of 4 cool mics that you can buy.

  1. SM58
  2. SM57
  3. AKG D5
  4. AT2020

Now once you are done with the mic, then you will need an AUDIO INTERFACE which is really important so that you can connect your mics with the INTERFACE and get a GOOD QUALITY SIGNAL, audio interface are used to boost the signal and make em reach the line level, the audio interface will also have a USB port and will also have a driver so connect it with your laptop and then download the driver and then it all be synced and you can see the mic input on your laptop via the driver you have installed for the AUDIO INTERFACE, Down below i am sharing 4 audio interfaces which are affordable and do a tremendous job..

  1. Scarlett 2i2 | Focusrite
  2. M-Audio M-Track 2×2 2-In/2-Out 24/192 USB Audio Interface
  3. Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 USB Audio Interface

Once you got the Audio interface in place then just chill, now you have got the MIC, AUDIO INTERFACE, DAW, DRIVER and now you just have to connect them which is super easy as all of them are USB compatible plus you can always read the USER MANUAL and you will find all the info you need.

Now the only thing that is left is HEAD PHONES, better you buy a studio quality headphone, they can be quite pricey but the point of getting good audio is to listen to good audio, so getting a good pair of reference headphones is must, down below i am sharing few headphones that are pretty good and serves the purpose.

  1. ATH MX40
  2. beyerdynamic dt 770
  3. ATH MX50
  4. Sennheiser HD 200 PRO

Once you got all of the above mentioned stuff, you will need JUST ONE MORE COMPONENT and that is XLR, LINE CABLE and USB CABLE to connect all you devices together.

Connect all of them and you now can record whatever you feel like and the best part is you will get real good quality, as all of them support HIGH BIT-RATE audio and hence you can produce BANGERs just inside the comforts of your home.

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