Bass and Bass , bass is the thump , the source of real power and energy in the song but the point is just like the word fuckkkk, it has been heavily used in no context atall, I mean every song has a bass , mid range and high end to it but how many of them have actually made the bass sound real good , I bet very few of em.

So the bass is not as simple as we think , bass frequencies in your mix have higher decibel as they have higher amplitude and bigger wavelength, by this I mean ever imagined why you can hear a pot head blasting his car speakers out like nuts and you can feel the bass in your freaking room , that is the insane power of the bass , bass carries your song like water and whiskey , without bass the song will sound so bad like a fruit with no freaking juice , duhhh a dry fruit.

Enough of nagging let get back to Bass, the point that we all have to consider is that the sub bass and mid bass has to be real tight, Sub bass is below in frequency then the Mid bass , both are basses but sub is around 20 hz or less then 60 to 70 hz depending on the mix but it usually floats around the same range , ever wondered why you got a big sub woofer , as the name suggests , sub woofer are in place to define the sub frequencies of the song and hence without sub woofer you can’t feel that juice . (Sub woofers are programmed around 100hz range)

When mixing you can add reverb , delay etc and if these effects are not well configured and controlled it can cause high muddiness in the bass end of the mix and this muddiness will not sound bad in your laptop speaker but as soon as you crank it up in your car stereo or home 7.1 channel speaker sets, you will really hate the sound of it because it will be just clashing of bass frequencies with the muddy low end frequencies of the uncontrolled effect chains that you have been hogging on throughout your mix, so make sure the effects are well controlled and automated, all that with a nice layer of EQ rolling off the bass frequencies where it is not needed .

You don’t have to put a bass boost on all the channels that is insane, I mean don’t over leverage the bass , the boost will make your master level high and will also increase the LUF values, I already told you bass has higher power hence higher DB value and hence spread over a vast area so don’t over do it .

The right bass and treble balance will make the mix sound super awesome and yes all that can only be achieved if you can precisely manage the right balance of the sub, bass, mid and the high , I will not geek out more because what I have mentioned here is just the tip of the ice berg, I will keep on hitting cool stuff about bass and how the mixing and mastering god’s are doing it right.

60 / 100

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