Beat production is darn fun, I mean it totally depends on how you take it, I love to produce and it is such a clear framework for me as a musician, I mean I have been playing drums, guitar and piano for years but I never actually loved the recording that much because deep down within I like lot of instruments in my composition and while I am producing beat I can achieve that great flexibility of adding as many instrumental and percussive layer as I want.

My beat design is minimalist in nature and I try to match the real live feel, because as a beat maker you will have to take care to give the right amount of space to vocals layers to beautiful fit in, by beautiful I mean the addition of vocal should sound great rather then the distraction.

The easiest way toward beat production is to visualize a rough structure and then get in the board and the best way to do it is to jaw it down and then see how much you can achieve it , I mean just jaw down the beat feel , the vibe , elements etc I mean you won’t have to think much because deep down within when you sitting in the front of your DAW , you have already decided what has to be done , I mean planing and visualization is real important , visualization makes the job real easy and fun.

Beat making and mixing are two different thing I mean don’t mix them up , first create the beat and listen to it for a while and sir please for god sake only mix with mono, no need to add stereo separation because as soon as you dont spread out the sound then the chances of observing the conflicting harmonics are kinda low, so keep all the channel mono if it sounds bad then gain stage the channels in the right way, keep the master bus stereo and bring all the mono sound in to the stereo master bus channel, production in mono is super clear and an industry protocol as well.

So once you are done with the beat production , get the wave track-outs or the stems and then load them up on pro tool or logic based on the mixing DAW you are using , I mean don’t mix it in FL or Abelton , I mean it is not a sin to do it but these 2 are production based DAWs and production based DAWs are not that of a good option when it comes to mixing , obviously you can mix on them easily, Fl studio and abelton are very powerful software they can do all the stuff you want , but the best option is to load up the track-outs on a mixing based DAWs (LOGIC or PRO-TOOLS) and you will see the magic.

Anyways beat making, mixing and mastering are damn subjective in nature , I will keep on sharing many more abstract on the following agenda , till then cook some fire beats.

63 / 100

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