Pushkar is a pretty rad place , i mean it totally depends what kinda vibe you wanna be in, i mean for a hippy kinda vibes it is also a perfect fit, if you are a religious person then it is a good option aswell, ohh yeah, if you are into spirituality then yes it is also a good option, Commuting is easy in pushkar, just walk it is very small town, you will find multiple vendors who will sell you scooty and bikes, it is usually affordable (200-300 PER DAY), negotiate it , that is the protocol you have to follow every where traveling in india, so bargain your way up the DOMINANCE HIERARCHY , haha that’s what Jordan Peterson would have said!!

Anyways pushkar is a part of ajmer district and the main ajmer city , the railway station and the bus area is just 15km from the heart of pushkar city , in ajmer you can use OLA APP or UBER APP to book cabs and they are pretty swift and most of the driver can speak lil bit english , just use keywords dont use grammar that is a TIP that will always work in india, if you are not an INDIAN and you are a FOREIGNER , then while dealing with taxi drivers, cooks, non-skilled workers, blue collar worker etc use keywords to communicate , in india people speak lot of languages i mean 29 states with 1.3 BILLION POPULATION, so we do got lot of local dialects and this is kinda daunting task for any traveler to be well versed with any one of em.

Pushkar is a beautiful town, if you love peace then GO ON OFF SEASONS like all the time APART FROM OCT – NOV- DEC – JAN , apart from this only during HOLI or DIWALI the PRICES ARE HIGH, else the prices to stay in pushkar is darn affordable, i mean you can find good clean hostels at a good price as well as you can find super clean and good view private rooms at a good price aswell.

So you have lot of affordable options to stay, and once you are settled , you can have food basically in most parts of the town , small restaurant through the market area as well in the narrow lanes, the lane are kinda narrow with lot of traffic, dont take car inside, i mean you can it is totally legal but it will 100% create a traffic jam. The main town area has few good roof top restaurants, i have been to most of them , quality is kinda same everywhere , pizza is good in few restaurants .

Pushkar is a chilled out place and i have made really good friends for life here in pushkar, i have lot and lots of suggestions when it come to pushkar because i have spend lot and lots of my hard earned online money chilling in pushkar and goa, but mostly in pushkar, so i will share lot of good detailed info about cool places to chill, check out gigs etc in the follow up articles…..


The nearest railway station from pushkar is AJMER JUNTION – 15KM from pushkar.

The Taxi services are available, ola and uber will not operate in PUSHKAR but outside pushkar it is operated in ajmer.

Pushkar is a part of AJMER DISTRICT .

Pushkar has many ghats, and these are holy ghats, smoking and drinking alcohol in not allowed around the holy ghats, pushkar is a land of temples you will see so many ancient temples in pushkar.

Food is affordable and some restaurants provide HIGH QUALITY and super tasty food.

Avoid Road side scammer there are lot of them, plug in do your thing, dont worry police station is in the town, 2 police station in 500 to 1km range so it is pretty safe.

Bhang is legal in AJMER, so you can trip on some real good cannabis indica and relax and enjoy the chilled pushkar vibes.


  1. Pineapple Express Hostel
  2. The Madpackers Pushkar
  3. The Mustache Pushkar
  4. Sajjan Bagh Heritage Resort
  5. Namaste India Hostel

HD IMAGES OF PUSHKAR : https://www.lonelyplanet.com/india/rajasthan/pushkar

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