Learning music is like a beautiful journey , this journey is filled with lot of deep emotions.

I know how to play few instruments that I have been playing for a decade now and my philosophy to teach and process music is kinda different then most of the music school, in my workshop I teach students to connect with the Instrument they love in a more deeper and spiritual way, because music is transcendental in nature and the way to connect with the transcendental entity is through your spirit, I mean it may sound very philosophical but once you will get it you can totally understand what I mean.

So try connecting to your beloved instrument like the way you want to connect with you wife, gf, sis or mother , I mean to say develop a deeper connect, a meta physical connect with the instrument you love.

Music in Vedic scriptures as well as many ancient scriptures has been referred as the language of the gods and I totally believe in it, music is a portal to explore your higher self, when a player is connected to an instrument it is more like hugging your loved one, or kissing your wife or kids , it is a very pure connect, it is a meditative connect which is intense yet subtle , which is emotional yet beautiful, which is challenging yet lovely , in the end I will rather say it is way beyond words it is whole new language of it own and it has no freaking boundary it is endless and infinite , I mean you can put names define some genres, you can create many sub genres but that is just meta data, the real raw data is what are you playing , being aware of present and flowing in space and time is what music does to most of us.

Music is transcendental in nature and it has no boundaries, it is way beyond words. Music is a healer , music is a spiritual healer , I know it has the same healing effect globally but I would like to share a personal experience that changed me, I loved to play guitar and after few years I realized that music was the only energy that kept me motivated and alive, it cured my depression , it cured my anxiety obviously it was a gradual and emotional process but it did opened my mind to the cosmos and I am so thankful for it that I can’t even express it through words , it is simply magical and divine , thank you God for music and hopefully we all can express the divinity through music….

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