Kochi is a really nice city , i have stayed in Kochi for many days and what i loved the most about the city is the beautiful churches and the beautiful fort Kochi, what a view fort Kochi has , anyways moving on to the main agenda , so if you are a tourist or even want to explore the cool side of Kochi then FORT KOCHI is the main hub, you will find all types of restaurants, pubs and shops, fort Kochi has Princess Street which is a really nice market where you can buy basically any stuff , now moving on to the beach , i will say the beach is good , but it is not a bikini kinda beach it is just fisherman and people doing day to day stuff, you can find good street food joints all around and yeah the sea food in few of the restaurant that are nearby is really good so munch on, the booze situation is rad , you will find good bars all around and it is pretty much fun to explore all these pubs.

Now moving away from all the noise , the Kochi art scene in pretty amazing , the art galleries have really cool art works from artist across the globe , Kochi is a beautiful designed city and it has really good food , if you are into non vegetarian diet then Kochi is a nice fit , from kababs to Biryani all super affordable , i mean this is a thing that i have noticed a lot while I was traveling in Kerala , the food prices are damn low in kerala especially the cost of two to eat out is damn low and i love it..

Yes, Kochi has all the things to offer , the rich culture , amazing food , good view , nice places to stay, oh yeah i forget to tell you guys if you are planning to hit Kochi then book a home stay, trust me home stay are super cheap and provide the best services at a low price , or if you feel backpacking then you can check multiple hostels near fort Kochi , usually they all have AC or stay in ZOSTAL KOCHI which is walk-able distance from the main market area and the sea facing area.

Personally I liked the city , loved the food and yes the culture and few events that i had the chance to visit were very delightful.


All important information to know before visiting.

NEAREST RAILWAY STATION IS ERNAKULAM, it is a big railway station , you will get most of the main train running all around india from here.

NEAREST AIRPORT Cochin International Airport Code: COK

Accommodation is very affordable, try to avoid peak season as it can be quite expensive, but usually homestay averages around 500-800rs and hostel is around 450 to 600 which is kinda affordable, The best hostel according to me in KOCHI is ZOSTEL the reason being AC IS ON ALL THE TIME, hence once you are in room it is very cozy, so go for it if you feel nice and cold.

Commutation is super easy and they all charge nominal prices, so you will not have trouble commuting around the city, and the best part is they are fast and quick and they are well aware of the english language.

Communication aspect of the city is good aswell, as Kerala has around 100 percent literacy rate and that is astounding, so most of the people will be able to talk in hindi or english, nowadays south indians are big on BOLLYWOOD so majority of them know how to speak and understand hindi, this make it super easy for north indian travelers as most of the people can communicate in hindi, as well as english so it makes it easy for both north indian & foreign tourist to communicate better with the locals.

Best places to stay will be :


Another option is to find the home-stay you like, you will find hundreds of affordably home-stays, these home-stays are not registered online, so you have make a walk in.

71 / 100

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