GET YOUR ACT STRAIGHT : interpersonal audit

Get you act straight, I love this quote because it kinda expresses what we all are going through most the time , when our mind is distorted then we act in weird ways and end up being called upon, but during that time if we can get our act straight then obviously we can get all the things sorted out super easy.

Getting the act straight starts with oneself , I mean it is not a one time thing , getting things sorted out is long term solution , and once you can understand yourself then you can get the act straight , first understanding yourself and then sorting it out is the key for a good and healthy life.

The point that most of us miss is that before being uselessly critical about something , we should see our-self and try to understand what we really wanna do or it is just a short term release of our own inability and insecurities, trust me if you gonna ask this question with yourself every morning you will get the answer , we all know who we are and how much falseness we assume in our day to day character, but let me tell you this; deep internal hypocrisy will not be able to solve any of your internal conflicts.

Society is important , so does is a critical evaluation from the people around you but the most important is the internal audit of your psyche that can only and only be done by yourself, nobody can help you  with that , it is an internal process and has to be initiated , controlled and recorded by you, in simple terms; you are the only one who can actually conduct and understand your internal audit.

The world for you is as external entity and everyone who knows you or even around you are connected to your persona which is just tip of the ice berg,  for the world it is your persona that connects them with you and let me tell you , you are way way more then this persona, all of us have a certain persona and overtime since our childhood it is being molded into a form that is socially acceptable, because if you dont have a socially acceptable persona then either you will be in a jail or heavily frowned upon or probably declared a CRAZY MANIAC .

Dive within you and you shall find all the answers, it can be a bit time consuming process but looking within and going deep is a good solution to find answer no matter if it your business, sexual life, health problem etc etc you will find all the answers if you dig deep, and let me tell you this the outside world can never understand you as deeply as you can yourself.

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