Mixing drum can be a bit challenging because it has a lot going on and if you are going to mix the mono drum.channels for mike from DT, then best of luck…

See the easiest way to mix drum recording is to take away lot of the noise , by this I mean you gotta do a lot of subtractive EQ on each mono mic channel , and the level and the parameters have to be set according to the specified requirements and keeping in mind the room acoustics.

You have to remove the conflicting frequencies because during recording drums mics (Hihat & overhead) can pick up the snare or the tom sounds if the drummer is going full power, so try to minimize the bleed, the lesser the bleed the better the sound will be, and it will be way easier to mix in the later stage.

Parallel compression works real well with the drums and has to leveraged as much as you can, parallel compression is a must for everyone and it adds more clarity and dynamics.

Do check out mixing engineer and how they are effectively leveraging parallel compression to get a more tighter and full sound.

Try to gain stage each channel in the best way possible, I mean when it comes to drums gain staging it is darn important , if you gain stage the channels right you are going to get the right amount of juice and punch and once you get the right balance between them you are done bro!!

Drum micking and mixing is an art, and the more clear and balanced each element sound the better will the final drum mix.

64 / 100

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