Lot of people are totally unaware about consciousness and what the heck it is and to be honest it is thrown around a lot like a buzzword , consciousness is something that everything around us has , the term universal consciousness means all the entities in our consciousness reality is conscious and has a certain data and meta data associated to it, and it is all connected, universe is a fabric of space, time, matter and energy.

Human differentiate between living and non living entities but they can believe in God and can pray to a non-living idol usually made out of some stone/plastic or whatever , people believe in the concept of God and then obviously the concept of devil and the funny part is both of these entities are meta physical in nature and these both entities are kinda absolute in nature, and how can you bring down something that is absolute or infinite into something that is so finite and bounded.

My analogy is simple, i mean look at mother earth , earth has water which is the blood , it has surface which is skin and it has molten Magma inside which is the life force , I mean this is just to simplify the whole discussion , I mean obviously earth is a very complex being , way more complex then us , how can you even survive without earth , basically due to earth we are able to survive, rewind a billion year back and see if you can survive, there are 100 percent chances that you physical existence can’t even survive in those extremely hot conditions for a freaking micro second.

Universal consciousness has been discussed in details in many ancient scriptures and it is a reality which can be refuted by the conservatives but it is not gonna change the course of this massive universe , we live in one universe and mathematically there are millions of multiverses, so as simple as this life is one of the driving force just like many other parallel forces which are driving our physical existence, for eg just take gravity away for a second and you can see how the whole system will be dismantled in a nano second.

We live in a deep multidimensional conscious reality which is more of a simulation (MATRIX) and it is totally up to us how far and how deep we can explore this simulation.

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