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Facebook blocks lot of stuff and the content team is busy banning content, so if you share your website link few times even with your friends and family it can block it forever and it has happened with my web link, i shared it with my friends as i have a huge set of people i actually know and now i cant freaking create campaigns in facebook, i mean best of luck in connecting with the support team, they will NEVER RESPOND, i mean it is so hard to connect with them i sent them lot of messages but no info from the other end, i think they only care about million dollar businesses, why not who cares about a common man, anyways if you are facing the same issue dont worry you can check if your website is blacklisted or safe, down below i am sharing the links of three websites which are amazing and tell you all about the web link that you have submitted in and tells weather the WEBSITE IS BLOCKED/BLACKLISTED/SAFE or does it follow the norms etc etc, so hog in and put your links and check yourself if you are blocked by some websites or not, i mean it so crazy, content blocking for no freaking reason is the new game i guess, but anyways check these websites out, put in your url and go for a Blacklisting check.




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