We all want to look cool and attractive,we all want to improve our personal aesthetics blah blah blha, but the point is are we doing anything about it , or are we just sitting and playing PUBG MOBILE, in this abstract i will share 3 YOUTUBE CHANNELS which will tell you what has to be done to get MORE ATTRACTIVE and by this i mean not the CREEPY WAY but in a more subtle and amazing way, the youtube channels i am going to share are not dumb ass dudes talking about how to get laid but will talk about the scientific details to look attractive, they will share details about how to climb up the dominance hierarchy , they will give facts and figure and will not try to exploit your insecurity with super hot chicks on there vids that they prolly had hired from Craigslist.

Anyways making yourself a beast is a choice and by beast i mean a better version of yourself in the following listing go through each videos and try to internalize those core values and trust me ALL THAT PICK UP ARTIST THING is just a CRAP, be attractive and charismatic for real and these dudes will tell you how to do so, if you are cool and attractive already then it will make you even better, if you are ugly geek , these set of videos will make you less gross and lil attractive or even very attractive who knows, totally depends on your game….

Charisma on Command

Captain Sinbad

Coach Corey Wayne

65 / 100

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