The best way to perform good in any social media post is to provide high quality content , I mean this is one of the factor along with this we have to take care of the frequency of the posts, the frequency of uploads have to be consistent , if it is not consistent then obviously the algorithms won’t be a friend , it will just be an observer , the main game is to make the algorithm your friend and that can only be done, if you don’t spam and provide quality content on time to time basis.

So for eg you got some real good content and it kinda fits your domain and let’s say it even has a good market size, then your job as a creator is to fill your Instagram with really amazing posts with high aesthetics, I mean aesthetics sell , and who does not want to see a good account, filled with really cool images, we all want that and to be honest the best way is to test and practice, social media is a tuff game.

Making or rendering quality content for social media is not easy , but at the same time not difficult , I would rather say it is more of a habit you have to get used to it and then only you can see the magic, if your content is good then obviously it will raise a lot of eyebrows.

Managing good quality social media content is must and then distributing it in the right way is the other game you have to be good at both , the content quality will help you leverage the organic growth trajectory and will help you achieve the desired goals.

I mean get a plan in place , without a content creation plan and a distribution plan you can’t actually achieve much , because it will be just random and trust me in business world randomness is not acceptable atall , so get the plan right and abide to it.

Understand your audience and find the domain you can do wonders, I mean it can be anything, doesn’t have to be fancy but try to optimize your account and content in a way that can attract your community and the audience who would love to engage with your content and show some love.

Spread good vibes and appreciate others in the social platforms, your comment can mean a lot to someone and it is better if you can follow and comment on the kind of content you like , it will give the creator motivation and will give you inspiration at the same time plus you will be noticed as a part of the community.

Lot of young teens are millionaires now due to social media, i mean everyone can do it, all it require is consistency with good quality content, branding is now easy thanks to social media.

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