Aliens do exist and it is something which is very obvious, firstly if we look at the world around us , we can see so many weird creatures and if you can think beyond this world then there is a whole new range of planetary system that you have no idea about , I mean being human we can only observe certain level and range of light and auditory signals and all our assumptions are kinda based around the limited sensory data that we are entitled to.

Solar system is massive and so is other galactic systems and as far as all our limited knowledge is concerned we are not even able to find cure for basic viruses that are causing huge amount of deaths, as far as our space missions are concerned we can barely make it to Mars , so as far as the technology evolution is concerned we are not at the state to even make safe Interplanetary travel.

If you go through ancient Mayan and Egyptian scripts , you can observe how much information they had about the starts and the cosmos and how they were able to accurately predict the planetary alignment with high level of precision, apart from all this detailed astronomical and planetary data , historians have found many visual symbolism that totally appear as an ancient alien civilization trying to express the data via visual symbolism and there are strong evidences claiming that these exotic and mystical creatures were highly significant to the cultural and social setup of that era.

I mean no matter whether it is Mayan , Egyptian or even vedic civilization they all been able to understand the realities that in this modern world we think are kinda trivial and that is LIFE IS AN INSTANCE, IT CAN HAVE A TRILLION FORMS.

In the vast expanse of the universe where there are trillions of planets that have structural similarity as of earth and obviously if the Goldilocks condition is met in any one of them which is totally possible then the creation of multiple civilization is possible, if we are searching for an advance alien civilization then the chances of finding them with the current setup is kinda slim , I mean we already have observed so many alien UFO’s and still counting , evidence are enough to make a strong conclusion that alien exist, and as a matter of fact it is not easy to communicate with something which we have very less idea about.

If UFOs can safely travel, accumulate data and move out of our planetary system then simply imagine the level of intelligence they have, obviously way way more then us all, it is so obvious , we can barely make it to moon and if a space ship can come and visit us and then go back without any traces then just imagine what level of intelligence they have and how many laws of nature they are able to control and manipulate.

Our physical senses are limited to a certain range and thanks to religion we try to bring all the absoluteness into a structure which is not possible at all counts. So destroy those set of irrational beliefs that you have about the cosmos and accept that life is an instance and it is propagated and rendered across multiple dimensions.

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