Ajmer is a nice city to visit and it does have some cool old skool attractions, so if you are planing to visit ajmer then take atleast 2-3 days in mind and explore the main city,  there are many good temples, mosques and gurudwara, along with the cultural stuff you can visit one or two big lakes which is in the center of the city , Ajmer is kinda a picturesque town surrounded by the hills, i mean if you are a backpacker staying in ajmer it is not expensive atall, average rent is around 7k for a month for a studio or 2 bhk, not a bad deal atall , i mean it is definitely not a big city it is TIER-2 CITY, but according to the government it is considered a smart City which i believe the state and center government will roll out scalable plans to ramp up IT and PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE, anyways if you love park then bang on, you will find lots of parks in Ajmer .

Street food is amazing, the main market area near dargah Bazaar or let say near railway station has really good and super affordable fast food and street food joints, all i can say that is the quality and the taste of the food is great and it is totally pocket friendly.

I am gonna share vital information about ajmer, down below : 


1) Dargah Sharif, the tomb of Moinuddin Chishti

2) Adhai Din ka Jhopara 

3) Nareli Jain temple

4) Roopangarh fort

5) Ajmer, Government Museum

ACCOMMODATION – accommodation is cheap, use BOOKING.COM, average private room cost will be 400-500, you can always buy a fancy one, no limit to that, ALL RANGES OF HOSTELS ARE AVAILABLE. 

COMMUTATION – Use OLA and UBER for intercity rides, very affordable, drivers are not educated that well, so use keywords while rendering direction, they will try to scam but stay away from the scams and weird deals, Average price Per/km is 12RS. 

OUTSTATION TRAVEL POINT – You can get Buses to almost all part of north and Mid india from GOVERNMENT BUS STATION AJMER.

The AJMER JUNCTION RAILWAY STATION has 100s of trains running all around india, 24/7, it is very busy station AND IF YOU ARE A FOREIGN TOURIST then you can ALWAYS BUY TICKET FROM THE — TRAVEL BOOKING COUNTER SPECIALLY DEDICATED TO FOREIGN NATIONAL, they usually have 20-30 tickets, so do check it out, it is the most easy and subtle way to book, most of the tourist have no idea about this service. 

NEAREST AIRPORT : Kishangarh Airport, is situated at Kishangarh on National Highway 8, 27 km North-East of Ajmer.

Code: KQH

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