A LONG STRUGGLE : Depression and pain

A lot of people struggle in day to day life due to depression and sometimes it is easier for them to blame others for the misery they are going through, i mean we all have a heart and we all can empathize, at the same time we all can feel huge amount of pain, and that pain can be physical or mental or even both.

I am talking about pain because most of the time when we suffer from anxiety or depression it is totally self induced, i have gone through tough times not because of the people around me but due to me, because i failed to understand who the heck i am, but once i started to understand what the heck is happening inside me it all started changing, yes the answer is within us, by this i mean you have to observe yourself and then have to find out what is hurting you the most, it can be the smallest of the smallest thing, like a rejection in a club to a huge thing like going bankrupt, but then you can visualize those distortion and then you have to find a way to pacify them and that totally depends on your internal pacifying process.

Current society is facing with high level of stress, anxiety, depression and insecurity, i dont blame anyone for the cause but the shift in the paradigm has resulted in all these changes, using internet all the time, using social media like crazy, we have linked our biological system with the technology and obviously it will have an impact on us, the impact is both POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE, because whatever stuff you gonna make it will have a negative impact and a positive impact the real game is to balance it.

Moving on to the mental distress and other mind related ailments, we all are kinda suffering someday or the other and it is inevitable because suffering will last till we take a measure to reduce it, human have a strong element of sorrow and pain and we cant reduce it to zero, but we can balance it out in a nice way.

Depression medication will not cure depression for sure, i mean if you gonna take it for a long time you may feel good but if you dont get them then you will go total nuts, the medicines are fine but at the same time you also have to initiate an internal healing process and that process have to overcome the pain and suffering caused due to being depressed.

If we pay enough amount of attention to what we all are going through then we can surely find the ways in which we can optimize our life and maintain our balance, see sorrow and pain will be there but if you can mange them better then isnt it going to be a way cooler approach towards life and the struggles around it.

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