Mixing a song can be daunting task in the beginning but once you got the process and lay down the protocol it is more of a fun process , here down below I am gonna drop three steps that can help you achieve a great mix .

Side chaining drum and bass (vocal & synth)

Most of the producers who have just started off just totally miss this point I mean if you miss side-chaining then the song will not sound that good, it kinda looses all the punch and trust me you don’t want to do that , side-chaining is a process in which you reduce the bass volume when the kick is thumping so that the kick frequencies and the bass frequencies don’t conflict and mess up the sound (you can side chain vocals with synth, possibilities are endless) , so if you want the juicy and powerful kick sound you better be side-chaining your bass bus with the drum kick channel and you will see the magic all the less prominent bass will become more prominent and you can hear all the sounds clearly.

20 Hz roll-off

I mean this will save you lot of time, if you adding lot of reverb and delay on the mid range or the low range Instrument channel then you gotta roll off the sub by 20hz because most of us will not be able to hear it even while mixing and once you put those songs on a hi-fi PA system you can hear those bass elements and this distorted sub makes the mix sound real bad , I mean if we are talking about professional landscape then this is not acceptable at all , In a good quality PA system the mix will sound a mess and you will not love it , so roll off the sub and you are done.

Use transient processing.

Obviously transient processing is one of the most important things when it comes to mixing because it helps us to distribute the ADSR in a certain way , a way which kinda fits in real well, if you have harsh transient sounds the n you gotta make them soft and smooth , I mean you can get many VSTs which can do the job for you , configure  the attack, decay, sustain and the release time; all that keeping in mind the vibe and the feel you are looking for, anyways adding transient processing make it easy to blend in the raw stems real well and renders a well integrated and balanced sonic feel.

These 3 steps are kinda vital for mixing it up real good, but this is just the tip of the ice berg, i mean these 3 points are a part of multi step mixing process flow, i will keep on sharing more and more on weekly basis…

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