3 BEST SOURCES : Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

Ethical Hacking can be a bit daunting task and learning it is every more challenging , here in this abstract I will share few channels that can help you to learn real fast and good , I mean when I started off I was going through all their videos and even today I watch it to revise a lot, the way these amazing educators and ethical hackers will break down the concept easily is amazing

The best part is they are not even limited to you-tube they have their own website which is just filled with great resources, and trust me whatever they are teaching is for real and updated , so basically you can have a whole course on ethical hacking, network security and cyber security, these educators have years of professional experience and are one of the best in the game.

So here are the 3 amazing youtube channels which are going to tell you about everything when it comes to network security and ethical hacking these guys are trained professionals who are in the game for many years , so embark this amazing power trip and keep on learning….



Pentester Academy

75 / 100

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