Chris Lord Alge – PLUGIN BUNDLE – for best mixes

I mean when it comes to Chris Lord Alge, all we can say he is a freaking legends, for yall who don’t know who CLA is , Chris Lord Alge is the biggest name is the MIXING INDUSTRY, not mixing sand, i am talking about mixing music.

Chris Lord Alge is a mixing legend, check out his mixes and you will fall in love the way he manages the low, high and the mids, now the best part is that he has his own PLUGIN line called the CLA SERIES and which is available at WAVES WEBSITE, i mean i am a big fan of WAVES AUDIO but this is something really epic, so for all mixer out there just jump in, buy the bundle and get wasted on some real good mixes.

Chris Lord Alge is a Grammy award wining audio engineer , a.k.a the legend. Down below are the Grammy wins.

010American Idiotmixing/engineeringBest Musical Theater Album
200921st Century Breakdownmixing engineerBest Rock Album
2005Boulevard of Broken Dreamsmixing engineerRecord of the Year
2004All Things Newmixing engineer (tracks 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 12)Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album
2004American Idiotmixing engineer

The CLA plugin line is down below, go and freaking buy it, the user manual is real simple, the plugin are simply awesome and makes the mixes sound well balanced and the GUI is simply intuitive and well designed for quick navigation and less confusion.

CLA PLUGIN BUNDLE -vocal,bass, guitar,drums,unplugged,effects

72 / 100

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