We all need is motivation , and it is the essence of humanity that human beings are so fueled up by motivational thoughts, i mean look at the god damn political system , look at the billionaires and millionaire around you, none of them would have been here if it was not about motivation, so the motivational speakers that i am share down below are going to make you day..

Anyways most of the people are motivated by weird ass gurus who are just sucking the money out of them and telling them wrong stuff and probably the stuff they want to listen, motivation and spirituality is a billion dollar business and everyone wants to enter this space and to be honest everyone has the right to do so, i mean who does not want to be motivated and live a fulfilled life forever and ever, here are the 3 MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS who are top notch, not because they are rich etc etc, only because they speak FACTS , they share FACTS and they do it in the right way, a way we all can connect and head towards a stronger self, they dont claim of anything all they share is wisdom and knowledge that they got from years and years of hard work and consistency.


Dr. Jordan B Peterson is a professor and clinical psychologist.


Tony Robbins is a catalyst for change and a strategist for success. He creates change in minutes, when normally it couldn’t be accomplished in years


Among the world’s top after motivational audio speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic character and highly-sought-after resource in operation and expert circles intended for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community market leaders from all sectors regarding society planning to expand yourself.
The description provided above about each individual has been pasted from there respective YouTube channel, follow and subscribe to them if the content connects with you, they have helped me overcome a lot of troubled situation in life, may be it will help you too...

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