I mean if you are audio geek then you gotta check out these 3 cool COMPRESSION PLUGINS, i mean i am not gonna switch to another brand or stuff but i will share the 3 best compression plugins that i use all the time for mixing because in short they make the job easy, they add the analog warmness and color to the mixes as well as these plugins are TOP OF THE GAME, when it comes to the intuitiveness, DSP, efficiency.

The following plugins will sit amazingly in your workflow and will add so much of aesthetics to your mixes , personally i use lot of compression plugins but these 3 specifically are the best i found out , i mean you can use whatever plugin you love in your mix , but these 3 set of waves plugins (WAVES BRAND) made the mixes more live , more roomy , more warm , more upfront or in simple words simply amazing.

P.S You can download the USER MANUAL for each and can go through all the features, the user manual is beautifully crafted so that everyone can actually visualize the feel of the plugin, remember you gotta feel the plugin without the feel NO USE….

CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter

Digital Emulation of the legendary CLA-2A compressor (Hardware Unit)

Renaissance Compressor

DSP Compressor Unit

SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

Digital Emulation of the legendary SSL G-Master Bus Compressor (Hardware Unit)
77 / 100

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