Let’s stop saying and lets start doing, Lot’s of people say that we are going to make world a better place, the thing that i say to all of em is that , think before you speak , you can still make a difference without rubbing it on people faces, there are lot of people all across the globe all ages who have been trying real hard to make the world a better place to live and in majority of the cases they have been beaten up, put in jail, abused and what not, and i am not talking about guera or some political badass, i am talking about small girl creating an environmental impact , i am talking about a teenager who even after shot multiple times have been able to spread education to the masses, loads and loads of non-profit worker risking their lives for the sake of others, and i salute all of them, they all the real heros for me, they chose HUMILITY OVER RELIGION, LOCATION, CASTE , CREED OR SEX!!

As jordan peterson say “START FROM YOUR ROOM”, and i like this phrase a lot, it is so right, we try to negate lot of things that really impacts the environment on the cost of comfort and it is not that we dont know about it, we know a lot about us then we actually think, our belief system may create a temporary delusion but if you think deep you know your pros and cons real well, so when you know your cons try to fix them before trying to fix the world, i mean it is good to have an opinion, we all are humans not robots, but being heavily opinionated and biased on all counts is not justified.

See if everyone become religious narcissist then there will an utter chaos because people will want to control each other actions and this is impossible, so better to keep your psyche at check and try to be a well coordinating part of the society, i am not saying that love everyone around you, but keep the nice QUALITY PEOPLE AROUND YOU AND BE THERE WHENEVER THEY NEED YOU, SO THAT THEY DO THE SAME.

See if you want to change , then start first and spread it across, and this is the easiest way, people need example as soon as they see results they will follow you anyways, jesus did it, he got millions of followers after this, so go for it, constructive internal changes will bring substantial external changes …

The world is a better place already if we stop messing it up little bit, see the amount of money spend on weapons, military, nuclear arsenals etc etc it can be spent on quality education, health care, wellness facilities and so on so fort, the tax money is usually consumed by corrupt diplomatic and political chain, are we doing something about it?

so what i believe is start for within and gradually develop a strong conscious toward your internal and external environment, be more educated about environmental issues, be more vocal, be a rebel and learn as much as you can.

Mother nature has bestowed life upon us and sooner or later it will take it all with a glimpse, better find a way to spend the life in a good way, with a good balance and once that balanced is achieved then stay on it for a while and see how things goes, life is suffering its you who can make it less and lesser day by day by choosing the right objects, processes and pathways.

64 / 100

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