Our mobile phones are pretty darn addictive haven’t you thought so, the reason being it is made to hook us up and just entertain us as much as we can , in the day of modern technology, where your ideas can spread like fire, both via leveraging the organic and the inorganic ways, it is kinda amazing if you think at the positive side of it, but as far as i am concerned with technology i see a very dark side growing as well, mobile phones are getting smarter than humans and that should raise an alarm.

Technology has made data available and distributive and along with this has given us a platform to spread our digital persona to a very high extent, i mean look the facebook NODE GENERATION PROCESS, a person has so many edges linked to another person and that person will have thousands of edges linked to another and this is just like a BIG NEURAL NETWORKS of IDEAS and DATA.

From a technology point of view the COMPANY is more interested to the META DATA then the ACTUAL DATA, so what i mean by this is META DATA is the DATA about data, so all your preferential, behavior ,social and many more types of STRUCTURED PERSONAL DATA SETS are being migrated from your live sessions to the INTERNET COMPANY BACK END DATA SERVERS.

As far as the MOBILE USER DATA USAGE is concerned, 2.5 BILLION people have MOBILE PHONES and these people are a big part of the world wide web, EACH ONE OF US IS CONTRIBUTING EVERY DAY TO STREAM AND UPLOAD TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF GIGS OF DATA.

This is A WORLD WHERE DATA IS THE CURRENCY and the BIG BIZS are monetizing it all very heavily, so coming back to the phones, we all are addictive to our phone and the app usages can differ or may vary a little bit but the device are kinda the same MOBILE DEVICES be it GALAXY S8 or a be it NOKIA PHONE, as soon as you turn up the device on you are live already, the ISP know your location real well, THE ISP KNOWS what are your streaming etc, see as soon as the device is on it will start recording the meta data and start sending it across internet and this data when BYPASSED BY A THIRD PARTY can also be referred as hacking….

Anyways all the usage data is sent to big businesses across multiple format, they can call it survey, usage data, client report data, Performance chats, ROI data, Productivity data and what not but it is just a format.

User data is being sent to thousand of big biz where marketer are trying to score you based on the profitable actions that you are likely to make and then rendering campaign based on those insights.

Each of one of us have a LTV associated with us, LTV refers to LIFE TIME VALUE of a customer which refers to the summation of all the profitable actions that a customer took and is going to take and this is the end game of all your mobile devices aswell, as our mobile devices are constantly flooded with information that hook us up, just to create a thought and a emotion and bang we click on the buy button!!!

Mobile apps can be real addictive and it is better if you control this dependency, i mean we all have to leverage technology but dont ever leverage it so that it takes a toll on you, because a lot of people are going through high level of depression just due to being in contact with technology 24/7, i mean they are not doing anything productive , they are just consuming a lot of useless information via social media and other blogging sources.

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