PRODUCE SONGS FROM MOBILE APPS : A great solution isn’t it?

All you need to create music is to have mobile apps that can produce music for ya, that sounds very dumb, but it is actually not dumb atall, in this abstract i will say how can you produce real high quality well mastered music from YOUR MOBILE STUDIO, so lets go.

See this is 2021 and we live in the world of rapidly growing technologies , and this technological evolution is increasing at at exponential rate, not even a god damn linear rate…

And now thank to the technology and lot of really cool app developers in the music space who have been able to render wide and powerful music apps that have super amazing response, i mean when i look at a sound app the first few things that i gauge is the latency , the response time, the load time, the processing time and few many other technical end point like UX , BACK END technology, SERVER CONFIG etc, you dont have to do all that math, it is just me that i love to geek out before i use any app, and after all the math i do all i can say is THEY ALL KICK A$$.

The mobile apps that i am going to share now are super easy to use, just go though the tutorial and you will be able to find all the stuff that is required to get the creative juice flowing, these mobile DIGITAL AUDIO Work Station, synth, effect pads and drum machine are simply amazing.

TR808 the most iconic drum machine doesn’t have a crazy ram or state of the art SSD DRIVE still has that killer sound because they are designed to carry out only one task and that is to lay down some killers bars, but as we are aware our mobile device is a small computer, so this small computer may look small but nowadays comes with 16 GB RAM and MORE THEN 256gb+ internal storage space and More then 1TB+ extensible store units, so now we are dealing with super powerful , multi core processors which are capable to carry out highly complex transactions be it audio processing, video processing, textual processing or basic rendering tasks.

So dont just wine that you cant buy this and that, personally i have more acoustic instrument then digital, and i love the acoustic sounds and the analog paradigm and now mobile technologies are trying real hard for keeping it real, all these app are light weight and they sound heavy weight, the samples sounds are very high quality, the signal are mono and can be panned, the export options are really good , the UX is real simple and intuitive , TO BE HONEST , i like these drum machines more then THE REAL ONES, just because they are so easy to use and so portable.

So down below i am sharing really cool AUDIO WORKSTATION, SYNTH AND PROCESSORS that you can download free on your phone and start making real good music.

DAWs -FL STUDIO is amazing really good UI, simple, intuitive and sounds really amazing, the BEST DAW app on mobile phone.

GROOVE PAD – this is one of the best drum machines and sample generator i came across and most of the sample pack are free and some are not free, kinda freemium model but buy em and make killer beats.

QiBIRD – This synth is amazing, buy the premium version and you will be able to generate very deep and rich thematic sounds, when i used this app , i was shocked to see the level of DEXTERITY and THE DEEPNESS in the sound, you can freaking compose a HUGE VIBEY BACKGROUND SCORE OF A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE from it, it is this good,easy to record, export file, share , download etc, very intuitive UI looks a bit geeky BUT GO FOR IT…

These are the 3 apps that i use when i dont feel like HITTING FL STUDIO or ABELTON , most of the time i use lot of FL STUDIO MOBILE due to super nice and easy workflow, i just love FL STUDIO MOBILE AMAZING DAW, SIMPLY THE BEST IN THE GAME, MAKES MAKING MUSIC SUPER FUN AND EASY.

66 / 100

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