Meditation is a super powerful thing and no body can deny it, now all the big institutes who deals with medicines are now widely popularizing yoga and meditation.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you to achieve the deepness of your subconscious and conscious mind, meditation leverages the strong internal forces and these forces that you will be observing and being aware of during meditation are the vital life forces.

Once you are in a deep meditative state you can program your subconscious and conscious brain to achieve desired goal.

Meditation enhances cognitive processes and makes brain more efficient, mediation helps brain to optimize neural connections and let loose of the anxiety driven one.

Lots of neural pathways results in strong anxiety and meditation re routes them, meditation is an amazing routing mechanism and the best part is you dont have to do it, once you are in the state it is just like being in a spa somebody else will be doing all the stuff, just like the software update meditation helps you to update your internal software and fixes bugs asap.

The power of mediation is phenomenal, i do meditate and i love it, meditation has increased my focus, efficiency and has helped me to tackle hard times, to be honest i write about meditation and read about it a lot because there are many ways to do it, you can go to an osho ashram and can start doing osho meditation, or if you are not into osho stuff then you can go to Sadhguru ashram and learn ISHa meditation, there are lot of ways to achieve the meditative state you have to decide and go for it, see it is like eating an healthy thing every day, mediation is a pill to heal your mind and clear + stabilize your emotions.

My personal recommendation is to meditate during 4:30 – 6 in the morning if you can , amazing time to mediate as during this time the sun will rise up and this time is considered the best optimized time to carry out meditation, manifestation and visualization tasks, but whenever you feel like go for a quick meditation session, see with the power of meditation you can heal yourself very quickly, in majority of cases where the patients have been strongly mentally tormented and have been meditating for few years have seen higher and faster recovery rates then average person and that is amazing, mediation is a medicine for a healthy mind.

Meditation is a very subjective domain and i will keep on adding cool info regarding meditation, so keep reading…

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