indica culture in rajasthan is on a roll, I mean if you look at the whole indian perspective weed is a banned substance but you can find it all across india and it is easy to find aswell most of the time.

The point that has to be considered is that it has lot of medicinal properties and if it is legalized by the government then the government can generate revenue , create employment and provide pharmaceutical companies with medicinal marijuana.

If you come to rajasthan you will see lots of BHANG KA THEKHA , it is the local INDICA SHOP, it is more like a weed shake, it taste real good. So you have one GLASS OF IT , around 25g of INDICA LEAVES and BOOMMMMMM!!!

The high is real intense and all that is a lil over a dollar, so all those MARY J LOVERS OUT THERE , you gotta love this shytttttt……

So the price in UTTAR PRADESH is darn low and you can get super high in way less then a dollar, but in RAJASTHAN the price is kinda high but still totally affordable, see the point i am trying to make is, it is part of the culture and in many shiva temples it is used all the time during collective religious ceremonies.

INDICA and SATIVA holds high places in ancient AYURVEDIC PARADIGM, anyways marijuana is spread all around india, and in hills , kasol , malana etc , you can smoke up all the time and buy it easily, i mean to say the usage has been legalized in many states and it is real good and i believe other states should also make the same move.

i mean it is a good way to generate legalized revenue and contribute towards the national growth, anyways the government cant stop the big shots and people who are in the trade for years but a legalization move will open healing opportunities for many people suffering from cancer, narcolepsy, anxiety disorder etc etc, if you google online about the health benefits of control usage of MARY J then you will see so many amazing health related articles which will give you detailed incite on how and how much MARY J in your life is NEEDED!!!!!

USA, CANADA along many other nations have made it totally legalized to buy and sell weed , it is not like that the whole population has stopped working and is now turned into lazy stoners but on the contrary MARIJUANA INDUSTRY IS CONTRIBUTING HUGE AMOUNT OF REVENUE TO THE STATE, plus it is generating huge amount of employment, and it is curing millions of people.

See it is up to government to decide,this abstract and many future abstract will be about how INDICA and SATIVA has been changing life , will share different perspective, studies and much more…

68 / 100

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