Building up a home studio is kinda cool, thanks to modern day tech now getting a home studio is super affordable aswell.

The music production nowadays is very sorted , i mean it is well structured it has really powerful frameworks, daws and what not to support all kinda of sonic creations, Production few decades back was a daunting task, even during the 50s-60 it was a very big deal to even have the most basic setup, the evolution of transistor technology has left a huge impact on DIGITAL AUDIO PRODUCTION and has made it affordable and scalable , lot of
cool synths, lot of Digital signal processing units (delay,reverb,compressor etc) has made production affordable and made it available for each one of us.

The audio studio setup nowadays is compressed in nature, this minified and highly powerful mobile workstations are a deal breaker, they all are super powerful, and have crazy features.

See when it comes to scalable audio production nowadays most of the producers are leveraging abelton, fl studio, cubase, garageband, logic or pro and apart from the major one there are many other cool online daws that can be explored with super low hardware and bandwidth requirement.

I am more of a synth person, i love synth and MIDI stuff, nowadays due to highly powerful audio rendering capabilities all DAWS are well integrated with SYNTH workflow that can create magic, the sounds and the level of controls are amazing, i mean now you can get super high level of production from home studios, obviously you have to leverage the soft wares and the hardware but the result are going to be kick ass.

In this abstract i am not going to talk much because when it come to finding cheap alternative for home studio you’ll find 1000s of videos i guess on youtube, so do as much research as you can, what fits for me will not fit for you and vice versa, so think of the long term goal of the purchase.

Anyways i have streamed lot of youtube videos regarding the right installation of home studio and these videos have offered me a lot of info about multiple types of rigs, ranging from the cheap to premium and this wide spectrum has helped me decide better, for eg you can buy a premium guitar and can spend less on some other hardware that you think is not that important, see anyways both hardware and software can be upgraded easily, so if you have a mobile home setups then these are the following components you should have and rest you can add on later.

SOUND BOARD (mixer with preamps)

So these components can be upgraded as per your needs, so dont worry much about the hardware nowadays thanks to china the hardware cost is low so you will end up getting good deals, but concentrate on the quality of sound, the better the sound , the better the possibilities of getting good gigs.

68 / 100

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