In technology space big apps are doing really great, but lot of other apps which are not able to share the same lime light as facebook, tinder, LinkedIn etc are still doing great aswell, they all are able to monetize the situation real well, look at the success of PUBG , i mean the world has gone nuts over it, before this it was POKEMON GO, it is not the same genre but both have a nice well structured and aesthetically refined digital experience which provided a sense of entitlement after the play and as we can see all the video games kinda do the same thing, i mean why the hell you wanna go through all the stage of MAX PAYNE or GOD OF WAR etc.

if you can see the LIVE STREAM OF SUPER PRO PLAYING THE SAME THING it just get you hooked, i mean game play are being designed real well in order to hook us up, THE MORE REAL IT IS, THE MORE BETTER, THE MORE REAL LIFE SITUATION THE MORE YOU WILL ASSOCIATE IT WITH REAL LIFE and that fuels up the addiction of getting that rush that we usually cant get in real life, thank due to technology, our virtual life is more interesting, isnt that weird?

If we go through the success story of instagram, youtube and many more, we can see that these technology platforms are serving certain needs and they are serving those digital needs real well, for eg twitch is helping gamers, content creators to monetize via live video and many other cool ways, same goes with insta , facebook, youtube etc you can monetize these platform real well and there are many direct and indirect monetization sources that can be generated through these platforms, i mean if we look at Facebook it is a whole economy in itself , the software is a huge hit, this social networking software is on every device we can find, so imagine the reach it has, imagine the number of financial transitions it has been part of both direct and indirect, i am pretty sure indirect is way more then direct one i aint got the data so cant claim any stuff..

PHONEGAP is a HYBRID CROSS-PLATFORM APP DEVELOPMENT framework that uses POWERFUL NATIVE CORDOVA LIBRARY , why i am ranting all this stuff, it is because just BY USING PHONEGAP which i found one of the easiest and the smartest way to make app which are faster, lighter and have minimalist and beautiful UX.

So if you know PHONEGAP and good at it you can now create really cool app with a nice website, as in order to learn phone-gap JAVASCRIPT, CSS, HTML is must, so now WEB + APP is in your hands, as soon as you have idea, you can start building prototypes and soon after many and many proto-types , many test runs and what not you will be able to LAUNCH A NICE BETA and can start your silicon valley journey.

Apps like snapchat, instagram , youtube etc have made lot of money and the co-founders are freaking billionaires, and all this in few years, so the point is IN TECHNOLOGY SPACE the app will grow real fast and the more intelligent, professional, educated and creative team you have the chances of success is real high, now in this current space all the development technologies are getting intuitive and user friendly so the power of creation of software tools and solution is slowly getting more and more close to our hands, lets drop the AI you dont need a freaking AI too create simple software solutions, i mean you can layer an AI module on it and it will be super cool, but you can always start without it.

What i believe in current scenario, is that the people who are aware and who are willing to grow in technology space and create powerful business and customer centric solutions that drives growth and synergy are going to be rich and successful in few year..

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