Coke studio is simply epic, i mean i have been streaming coke studios for a long time, see we all love live music but with coke studio the production is real good i mean just like KEXP, NPR TINY DESK etc the production in these type of live SETUPS is simply amazing, for this abstract i will talk about coke studio.

I have been able to track down so many good numbers in coke studio, the level of musicality is simply amazing, and hats off to the engineers , the production engineers are doing real great job, from EQ to compression they are nailing it.

Coke Studio has a well balanced sound, plus it is well rehearsed, i have been following it for a while now and is in love with few cool tribal fusion tracks especially the tribal rajasthani fusion tracks like BANAADO , really super job by the producers and the mixing engineers.

The musicians who are playing in Coke Studio are really good, the instrumental layout of the songs, the level of deepness, instrumentality is simply amazing, anyways just like the engineers the musicians are real amazing aswell, coke studio has a pretty sweet rig and real a good setup, down below i am sharing three of my favorite coke studio performances…

66 / 100

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