BEAT MAKING MADE EASY : Great Steps for growth

Beat making is kinda fun and long process but it is totally worth it, i mean beat making is super rad, in order to render your beat , you have to first visualize what is going on and once you got the vision you can render the feel and vibe into the beat.

So lets say whatever DAW you are using you may have a customized template and this template will have all the cool
sounds that you want, so once the template with sounds is booted up you just have to geek on.

Geek on as much as you can, get the right design, get the right data and start producing, the choice of DAWS doesn’t matter all that matter is the creative juice.

You gotta have the punch, the punch is usually the well integrated SIDE CHAINING OF BASS AND THE KICK, i mean if you are producing beat, you gotta have a cool beat man, you can use sample beats, loops but i personally recommend to put in lot of creative elements and these creative elements have to well balanced and once the right balance of sounds and aesthetics is achieved , boom you got it all coming.

The beat that you wanna render can be of multiple genres plus the sound design and parameter settings will be totally dependent on the genres that you feel like producing, anyway post production, mixing and mastering you can share the beats via beatport and tons of cool websites which will brand and distribute the track/beats that you feel like sharing.

Beat making is a diligent time taking process and if you wanna ace it spend as many studio session hours as much as you can, the more you hear , the more you experiment , the more you can really get good at what you do ….

If you are not a beat maker and want to see how it goes, the easiest way is to download DRUM MACHINES, LOOPERs and DAWs on your mobile phone, there are tons of cool DAWs on android and i-phones devices go for all of em and experiment and see if you like em or not, and plus you can get hands on really cool synths online and they all are pretty rad.

Anyways beat making is a beautifully long journey and should be enjoyed to its fullest, embark this journey and off you go to the high hills of creative production.

67 / 100

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