In this abstract i will talk about one SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCE, that i had experienced many years back as a kid.

See there is a reason we call all these activities supernatural, there is a reason for it, because it is not something natural like animals, humans , plant etc that is what we consider the natural creation, but when we think of super natural it is more transcendental and has a different paradigm of existence.

Animals and Kids can observe supernatural entities and so does we if we can tune into the same frequency, in order to understand the universe it will be easy if you start observing it as matter, wave ,space and vibration then it is kinda simple to absorb.

When i was a kid, my parent use to take me to my grandparents place which was an old house in a really bad state, with everything super old. I loved to experiment stuff with my sister so i use to rush out to a really beated up garden which was filled with useless garbage and then i use to pick some stuff from the garbage and then do dumb shyt with it.

So after few days i started listening and hearing a man, old man wearing a white kurta , not my name but a reverb filled weird sound, as a kid i didnt even got scared because it looked weird and imaginary and as a kid i think it became a part of my imagination.

To this date i have no idea what the heck actually happened because it was like looking at someone who looks like a wind or a heat wave, by this i mean something uncanny and wavy or lets say weirdly spooky, it appeared to me as a weird space and time distortion, that is what i felt but couldnt articulate at that time, this communication was subtle but not consistent.

i mean the first few times i was not scared at all because i told my mom about this and she thought it was one of my imagination as a kid, i cant draw any rationality on why i dint even try to know his name.

As a kid i was so busy with my LEGO and other CREATIVE TOOLS that even when he use to communicate it was not much of a deal for me, i recon the vibe of the spirit must have been very stable and as a kid due to heightened sensory capabilities.

i was able to observe this supernatural activity but due to lack of maturity, knowledge and Communication clarity, i was not able to spread the message across to my parents and grand parents, plus the old ghost was not a scary one, he was more like an old man trying to get attention and as a kid i was not into his stuff, so i brushed him off and was busy with my other cool kid stuff.

Few days went by and i left to stay in Ajmer (MY HOME TOWN) , going back to school and just same life again, back in town from a village, but after few years i asked my mom and narrated the same story and she told me that it used to be cemetery , and then i realized the Spirit must have been somebody buried 6 feet under, it was a weird translucent peaceful figure , totally no vibes but that experience was like being ON A HIGH DOSAGE OF PSYCHEDELICS…………

64 / 100

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