Traveling in Rajasthan is kinda fun, i mean it totally depends some can say it is chaotic, some can say it was amazing , some can say it is kinda cool , my experience has been mixed for a while.

The cool places to see in Rajasthan are UDAIPUR, PUSHKAR, JAIPUR, BUNDI , JODHPUR, BIKANER. I have been to so many places here mostly small villages but i will not recommend them for tourists, it is more of a local kinda feel, the village wont have all the infra requirement you need and if you don’t need them then go for it!!

See in order to be safe and sound and to have fun at the same time, the best recommendation is to BOOK WELL KNOW HOSTELS LIKE – ZOSTEL, MOUCHTACHE, HOSTELLERs and then go around to find a cool less shady place for the stay, the more less shady place you stay the better for you, the shady place here are gonna be cheap but you gonna loose a lot of stuff, so choose the right place to say.

Rajasthan is a good experience, some of the places have really good hospitality, i mean UDAIPUR IS AN EXAMPLE, YOU WILL LOVE THE RESTAURANT AND CAFES THERE GOOD SERVICE, but dont expect these kinda services all around the place it is going to be a mix of good and bad and the ugly so get ready for all of it.

I have been born and raised in ajmer and so far it has been a distorted and weird experience, what i like and what is kinda mainstream in local scene in AJMER is OPPOSITE, anyways the city never interested me, it can be a nice city for many , for me it was just like any other city of india, same kinda house, same cars etc etc .

So what i am trying to say is that the scene will differ in Rajasthan , i mean it can be real good, or it can be the worst experience ever, so dont ride your high horses and do lot of research about the place you want to be in and if you are afraid of scammer and getting scammed then think twice , because every big city, tourist places in india will be filled with scammers who will try to bank on all your GREENS as soon as you look at them.

Overall from a tourist point of view Rajasthan is a good experience overall if you do good research visit the tourist places , book safe accommodation , book scam free bus and train tickets, if you are sorted , then hell yeah.

From my personal experience there are the few cities that i kinda liked, i mean for few days, good infra, good things to see, beautiful historical sites , overall above average vibes.


66 / 100

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