PHP, HTML, CSS, JS is going to render a great website for sure, The equation is totally legit, and why so , let me explain it to you guys.


Building up a website can be a really big problem for many people but to be honest it is one of the best and the most sought after skill you can ever have, nobody has asked you to be the best in the game, just learning how to make a website will give you so much of creative freedom across multiple domains, it will help you to bring actionable prototypes into life that can solve problems and generate revenue, so now we are taking business, and in this abstract we will see how PHP + HTML + CSS + JS can make you a MILLION DOLLAR BABY!!!!

See in order to make a full featured state of the art website you will require SCALABLE and efficient front end technologies, then you will also require A STRONG BACK END TECHNOLOGY , APIS and framework to handle back-end server transactions, now the transaction type can differ based on the business processes. Once the front end infra is seamlessly integrated with the back-end infra via API calls you got all the things right, now let’s see how can you make all these stuff right!!

Now lets deduce the equation that i have mentioned above ie

PHP + HTML + JS + CSS = Website

The above equation symbolizes that PHP is the back end technology required to handle database, api and other important BACK-END translations, HTML the second parameter of the EQUATION is the FRONT-END TECHNOLOGY required to render web-pages.

HTML+CSS+JS all of them go hand in hand, by this i mean these are the FRONT-END PILLARS and PHP is the BACK-END pillar, each of these FRONT-END + BACK-END FRAMEWORKS are Highly descriptive, Flexible and Super Scalable in nature. And a seamless integration of both of em will render a cross-platform scalable website.

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