This is question that i get asked a lot , and to be honest i think it is one the best DAWs i have ever came across with, i have been using FL STUDIO for 8+ years now and Abelton for 3+ years, but still i love FL STUDIO and use it way more then ABELTON LIVE, i love to Pass my live DRUM , GUITAR and PIANO BUSES TO ABELTON LIVE SESSION but apart from that if i am producing trap, hip hop, techno etc i use FL STUDIO most of the times, i mean FL STUDIO is a great DAW just like ABELTON both has huge amount of sample packs, VST Plugins, EQs, Compressors etc etc , both of em have all the features required to achieve desired goal, for me I chose FL STUDIO because of the work flow is easy and i am very much used to its flexible and fluid GUI.

Lot of amazing producers are using FL STUDIO for production, plus the choice of DAW totally depends on you, the world is filled with professionals who have huge fan following and are producing music from FL STUDIO and have been actively promoting it aswell , in my opinion it is a WELL BUILT DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION, the code is stable, the UX is simple, intuitive and smooth.

FL STUDIO has a good way of organizing tracks, the parametric EQs, the reverb plugins, delay2,3 – flanger and multiple other THIRD PARTY FREE AND PREMIUM PLUGINS are simply amazing, i mean the deepness of sound manipulation is pretty good.

In my case, i have learned FL STUDIO BEFORE I LEARNED ABELTON, so i have a longer connect with FL, but as my bandmates were all using abelton live so i learned it from them and then after using it for a while i just love it from top to bottom so many amazing features so many great native plugins so much of control…

So in the end the Choice of DAWs totally depends on you, better learn both of em and leverage them equally from time to time based on the creative and functional need.

65 / 100

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