Angular.js is one the most sought after front end framework that has been widely accepted by millions and millions of web and mobile applications, what can i say, angular.js just made front end designing, front end templating and lay-outing super easy, with both SYNC and ASYNCHRONOUS capabilities along with high level of design and modular flexibility, all i can say that it is simply outstanding, so if you want to land up a job as a web or front end designer you gotta learn angluar.js because as far as i know it is a huge requirement in front-end technology job space, as ANGULAR.JS is a must for a FRONT-END DEVELOPER, here i am going to share some of the advantages of using angular.js.

Two-way data binding

High level of DOM manipulation

Improved server performance

Faster application prototyping

Responsive web

High testabllity

Highly scalable

State of the art The MVVM architecture

Assist Rapid Prototyping

These Scalable and vital features have landed ANGULAR.JS into top position when it comes to HIGH POWERED FRONT-END FRAMEWORKS.

70 / 100

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