Editing Pics Made Easy by CANVA

Editing pics nowadays is kinda super easy because there are so many cloud solutions for image processing, you can remove background, you can add layer, lock layers , add different transparency parameters to each layer , basically full and deep control of aesthetics.

Few Year Back… image processing and manipulation kinda sucked a lil bit nowadays so many image enhancement and filtering mobile and desktop apps are in place, to carry out the same process that used to take lot of processing and rendering time

If you are a designer and require deep heavy aesthetic changes then go for complex solutions , ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL tools for digital image processing and after effect is None ANOTHER THEN the BIG DADDY : Adobe creative suit, the most powerful designing suit you can every buy , and trust me it is….

See this abstract is all about making the image processing a simple thing for you for eg stuff like adding cool filter , change color setting , adjust exposure and saturation etc etc,

Down Below i am sharing this one super cool OPEN SOURCE SOLUTION that can help you edit images for free and this online solutions also provide high level of features and added super flexibility, plus you can easily export file of super high quality into printable formats like PDF, jpeg and PNG etc etc, IMAGINE ALL THIS FOR FREE AND SUPER-FAST, SO HERE WE GO….

The first one being the billion dollar giant who created a huge dent in the design industry and is now one of the biggest player in the graphical designing market, CANVA!!!!!!

Canva is a beautiful app which will make designing any kind of brand communications, illustration , design etc super simple and streamlined, IT HAS SUPER LOW LATENCY, cloud computing is leveraged highly dynamically to save all the changes, mock-up on the fly, damn isn’t is great all this flexibility with ZERO COST, and if you try CANVA PREMIUM for free for the first month you are going to be amazed.

CANVA PRO is SUPER-AFFORDABLE and comes loaded with thousands of templates , icons, illustrations, characters, elements , shapes , lines , stock images and 1000s of premium animated graphic elements and what not, trust me you will find 1000s of cool digital elements here, so once you enter Canva , you will ENTER THE WORLD OF GRAPHICAL DESIGNING.

64 / 100

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