Beautiful Songs to make you cry with joy or melancholy

There are few songs that can make us feel sad about our uncool life but you know what integration of your shadow with your persona is one of the main processes to find the real self , according to the rational Jungian view but anyways i will share 3 classical compositions  that made me cry or weep like a kid for 100s or even 1000s of time, damn these songs have been such an emotional relief , as i love eccentric musician and especially if they are from romanticism and modern era then OHHH LORD!!! 

Hell yeah!! i am gonna share some beautiful classical tunes from the super cool Erik Satie one of my greatest influence, he was a full power iconoclast, he was not that social but he has produced 1000s of ambient piano bars that are absolute banger.

Welcome to the heavy metal piano music era of the classical romantic era Mr BEETHOVEN one of the greatest composers of all time , wow what a genius , what an artist , i haven’t seen or met them in person but as far as i have read about them both Erik Satie and Beethoven’s were so AVANT-GARDE and that is what i loved about them , they both are gems nothing less, can’t express my deep love for them, anyways no time to get emotional , let’s save some tears  for the music ,

The third will be  the legendary CHOPAIN , Beautiful composer whose love ballads still resonant in millions of hearts, CHOPAIN has a great gift of deep melodic structures that beautifully Flow around minor and the majors in a subtle, precise and  an outlandish way. 

Down below i am sharing three beautiful melancholy tunes that can make your cry……

ERIC SATIE – Gnossiennes 

BEETHOVEN – Moonlight Sonata

FREDERIC CHOPIN – Nocturne in C sharp Minor

61 / 100

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