3 Easy Tips for a great ADs

Ads are kinda running most of the business, ads are fueling up sales funnel, keep the branding and marketing going, etc, ads add momentum to both inorganic and organic growth hence rendering a good ad campaign is must in order to yield HIGHER R.O.I, so in this abstract i will share 3 SIMPLE TIPS to create a good ad that can help you have higher conversation and engagement rate.

KEEP THE BRAND COLLATERAL AESTHETICALLY REFINED : We all see lot of billboards, Facebook adverts, google ads which just sucks, i mean it is just too much information with ZERO LEVEL OF AESTHETICS, these kinda campaigns are just sheer wastage of money, who wants to buy from an organization who doesn’t even have the right aesthetic sense and doesn’t even have the right set of designers to at-least create collateral that can meet the average industry level standard, please don,t be that brand, don’t make your brand a BOLLYWOOD MOVIE with no or super low level of aesthetics, instead make it a good well produced sci-fi Hollywood movie with high level of aesthetics.

KEEP IT SIMPLE & CLEAN : As i have laid a lot of stress on how to make the marketing, branding, packaging or even UX aesthetically refined so that the end user can have a seamless, intuitive and pleasing physical or non-physical experience and THAT IS IMPERATIVE, so now moving on to the second phase which is to keep the content clean , well spaced, use the right font, keep the readability very high , dont overflow graphical elements like icons etc, in short, keep it short, crispy, minimal and to the point, try to imagine APPLE and how they brand themselves across the globe, you will get all the stuff i am talking about right now in a more pragmatic way as soon as you start observing the branding and design schemes of aesthetically refined brand like APPLE, GUCCI , NIKE etc

DECIDE THE PLATFORM: Always remember one size fits all cant be the way to approach towards marketing campaigns, define your target audience real well, segment them, add all the meta data with it and then crunch numbers to get the desired results, so what i am trying to say is BE PLATFORM SPECIFIC , the collateral that you will render has to rendered keeping in mind the MEDIA TYPE and DIGITAL PLATFORM for the final integration, in simple term DEFINE AUDIENCE , CREATE COLLATERAL FOR EACH SEGMENT, CREATE COLLATERAL FOR EACH PLATFORM and then Boooooom……………………..

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