I have been in the underground band scene for few years now, i mean it is kinda on and off, i have to do lot of stuff in technology, design and visual art domain IN PARALLEL along with manifesting my musicality , plus in india all they want is to listen some random VOCAL ORIENTED BOLLYWOOD NUMBER with all mushy and romantic lyrics, i mean i am not against it but it kinda sucks where every song on radio or even on television in india is about a RICH CHICK hooking up with a RICH guy, then there will be more then 6+ Song consuming at-least 25 minutes of the actual movie time, and all the songs are placed in a very non linear and super non-calculative way, it is more like a shitty musical movie then an actual drama , action etc and trust me action movie are the worst , they all defy gravity and all random bullshit that chuck used to do in 70s and 80s, full power bullshit, but this abstract is not to talk about bollywood industry which is scoring million of dollars by producing utter incoherent movies which have ZERO SOCIAL or MORAL impact, these movies what i call is a GATEWAY TO DUMBNESS and PORNHUB.

Anways what i have to say is that, many powerful and intense bands have been an active part of the underground scene and here i am sharing 3 of the really cool progressive and experimental bands from india which has to offer a lot, i mean the mainstream scene is still filled with bollywood numbers but these underground gems have kept the spirit of rock and experimental music alive, i love these bands for shining up the underground scene and many more rock souls like em are working real hard to rise up and spread their sound across, so not wasting any of your time i am sharing down below 3 kick ass underground bands from india who have great sound, great vibes and crazy sounds…




70 / 100

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