Ecommerce 101 : Open cart is a great solution

Ecommerce is a tuff industry to break in, due to high customer acquisition cost, high return rates , huge warehousing and operational losses, plus if you manage all the above mentioned real well, still you gotta handle the juggernaut of the eCommerce buzz, THE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT or in simple term optimization of logistic requirements to deliver higher service level.

Along with all this mumbo jumbo you will also have to take care of 1000s of things across finance, admin, inventory, warehousing, it, support , hr and multi layer managerial and operational layer, so in short it sounds daunting but as a matter of fact it is not, in the past few years where i have been developing and producing e commerce websites via leveraging more then 10+ technologies and frameworks, now it is kinda easy to develop a real good e commerce portal even if you dont know coding.

Building an e-commerce website is SUPER SIMPLE if you have the right software solution to handle automation and operational processes, if you dont have a well integrated software infrastructure along with a dynamic and user friendly e-commerce portal , then to be honest you have lot and lots to do, so hurry on dont waste time, get to the bizz, and get it online asap….

Ecommerce 101 is a series in which i will share all the best , SUPER EASY and flexible eCommerce frameworks, plugins, modules and third party solutions that will make the E COMMERCE journey clear and easy navigable for you.

Open cart is a open source e commerce platform with all the state of the art features, i chose opencart to be the topic of the first e commerce discussion because this was the eCommerce portal i first built my website few years back, the whole experience was and is still amazing and since then i guess more then 3 years open-cart is now one the WORLD LEADING E COMMERCE FRAMEWORK and it works wonder across all platforms.

Another amazing thing about opencart is that it has a huge community of contributors and users, so the huge community of users and developers makes it easy to access FAQ, DOCUMENTATION , TEMPLATES, MODULES and more.

Opencart is based on php, and hence if you are good with php, changing designs, creating modules will be super simple, the ways of creating extensions, modules, templates is very streamlined and you will find 100+ pages of detailed documentation that will assist you, remember guys opencart has been in business for many years and they have been and till now is one of the most widely used open source eCommerce portal and IT IS TOTALLY FREE, you can buy stuff from the marketplace, but all the functionalities are totally free and no 1 year or 2 year licensing is needed.

i have delivered multiple projects using this frameworks and all i have to say is that IT IS AMAZING, it works wonders, support is fast, lots of documentation in the developer community and it just took me few minutes to integrate the whole store and may be 1-2 days to get the store up and running with few payment gateway activation. (ONLY IF YOU ARE CODER, ELSE MAY TAKE FEW WEEKS)

Here is the link where you can SEE HOME PAGE :

Here is the link where you can find full OPENCART DOCUMENTATION :

Here is the link where you can find OPENCART MARKETPLACE :

Here is the link where you can find the OPENCART TEMPLATES:

Go through the lucid documentation, it is as simple as wordpress and is on par with woocommerce or I will rather say a better and more independent solution then most of the ecommerce frameworks, opencart is light, easy, intuitive and full featured scalable e commerce framework.

76 / 100

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