Dont try to be a CELEB: Be a Great MUSICIAN FIRST!

Dont try to be a celeb, try to be a musician , yeah i mean , music is a transcendental phenomena that you can have a very deep encounter with and this phenomena has both internal and external way of manifestation.

Music is as absolute as god, just like the structure of god is absolute , so a structure or at-least a 3D model will not be an accurate way of representing the absoluteness and omnipresence of god.

Now a musician can tap into this phenomena to gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom, music is the language of the god.

Don’t go for expensive music programs , dont go for expensive courses, just buy the instrument you wanna play and play it , feel it, get along with it and slowly you will see how close you will get when you start manifesting ideas,emotions,desires and energy via instruments.

So the right approach towards music is to feel it, don’t read sheet music, i am not saying it is wrong to do so , all i am saying is when the right time come you will see , you will understand its call, dont overload yourself with vague institutional information etc etc, vague degrees , it is fine to have a fine art or music degree but it is not imperative , there are millions of example from big to underground musicians who had NO PRIOR MUSIC BACKGROUND in ANY CASE, but as a matter of fact they all kicked a$$$$$$$.

So don’t try to reach for the fame, pursuing music is a beautiful journey don’t pollute it, first try to gift yourself with the right sound and melodies and take your time , ain’t no competition , nothing is required, music is not a competition it is AN ARRANGEMENT, it is an integrated flow of beautiful ideas, thoughts and acoustic energies.

67 / 100

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