5 Great tools For CODING #2020

From debugging to bench marking , the modules and protocols involved in the process can be a bit daunting, so in order to make this daunting process less daunting, i have been constantly experimenting and leveraging hundreds of tools that have made my coding life easy.

i have a list of more then 50+ tools , but i dint want to PROVIDE TMI(too much info), for the sake of simplicity and clarity here are 5 top notch SAAS that you can leverage to make development process cost-efficient, streamlined and bug free….

devdocs.io : DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface. Here’s what you should know before you start, so get all the cool API documentation for most of the mainstream programming languages and frameworks. It has lot of cool features and great dynamic search panel and its third party support is simply amazing.

glitch.com : Glitch helps you create dynamic web infra at a fly, the development environment is browser based and super fast, due to amazing source code, plus when you are done working on your website , you can simple upload it across multiple platform like GITHUB and many other repositories.

bundlephobia.com — So if you are bundle guy and find it hard to track down all the NPM transactions then bundelphobia is a good fit. With the help of bundle phobia package meta-data generator you can now find the cost of adding a NPM package to your bundle.

babeljs.io/repl — If you are a front-end developer and work a lot on javascript, plus it you are building website on a professional level then you need this for sure, with the help of this state of the art JAVASCRIPT FRAMEWORK LIBRARY you can Write your code in modern JavaScript aswell and let Babel transform your code into JavaScript that is compatible with even older browsers and that i amazing keeping the scalablity and platform compatibility of the devices in play.

codeply.com — One of the great player in the biz, codeplay helps you quickly build frontend dynamic and intuitive layouts with precise and diligent integration of world famous FRONT-END DEV & PROTOTYPING frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize CSS and SemanticUI.

69 / 100

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