How to code is a bit descriptive in nature but lets explore this conundrum, coding first of all is not a first day thing, you gotta have good knowledge of what is going on in the technology space and once you are aware of those details then you have to personally explore and add pragmatism to your knowledge.

Coding is just like learning a new language , all you have to do is to understand the MAIN CORE STRUCTURE of the language, for eg i have been using javascript, php, core java for 6+ years now and as a matter of fact i do understand the latent and deep structure in the programming language and by this i mean to the say that i understand the CONNECTION BETWEEN THE METHODS, CLASSES, SUB-CLASSES, RESOURCES, CONSTANTS, VARIABLE, INDENTATIONS ETC ETC….

Understanding the core structure is a gradual process and may take years but the best thing is it is an evolutionary process it gets better and better day by day, and as the awareness and understanding get deeper and deeper then the level of dexterity and visualization will increase aswell.

Choosing the right programming language and framework that you will work on is one of the most important things when it comes to becoming a pro coder, choose the right weapon , by this i mean choose the right language just like we all are very picky about the languages that we speak same philosophy has to be put when it comes to picking up the right programming language, always remember all the programming languages has a certain nature, compiling speed, processing speed, information architecture, nomenclature, class types, resources, server config etc etc..

How to code is something which is super subjective in nature but i am planing to add more then 50 abstracts , that can give a holistic view of the world of coding, stay tuned there is more to come…

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