Get Ready For GYM WAR

1. Be ready before you go to your job/work: Take a few extra minutes and setup your gym supplies/bag before you leave home for the office. Throw in your BCAAs, and your protein or any other spare accessory for instance a spare shirt or a pair of gloves, so that you don’t forget them later. Or if you’re an early bird like me, you can prepare the night before.

2. Your pre-workout meal: We all tend to forget the magical pre-workout meal in a hurry to hit the gym. Well not only does it promotes muscle catabolism but it also deprives you all the benefits you can reap from the pre-workout meal. Check out all the cool pre-workout food you can eat and their benefits.

3. Your schedule: This might seem like a non important thing to you right now but it saves time and mentally prepares you to hit those weights. Instead of asking your trainer for the body part to work on, just have a plan chalked out in the beginning of the week and follow it religiously.

4. After reaching the gym: Now when you’re finally there just remember a few things and never forget them. For instance:
A. Never forget to stretch before hitting your schedule
B. Never forget to warmup you muscle properly before you hit the weight rack.

C. Never forget to zone out in your workout,which essentially means that never waste your time between sets or exercises, the worst mistake that you can do at the gym is spend too much time there. Save all the chit chat (you know what I mean  ) for after the work is done.

That’s it. Now if theres anything else we can do for you, please write to us and we’ll surely do our best.

Take care and keep breaking those muscles fellas.

This fitness content is by WALKFIT, a project by H.N.
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